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Connecting People who Want to Learn with People who Love to Teach.

Industrial Trainers of Daksha Academy has been a trusted industry leader in the field of industrial maintenance technical training since our company was started in 1997. We have had the privilege to work alongside many of the country’s most outstanding companies to help them obtain their goal of excellence by helping them improve their operation.

What We Offer

High Quality Training makes a real difference to your career.

Time is money. Daksha Academy understands you don’t have all day to surf the internet for knowledge, and that you need a credible source for that knowledge. We are a one-stop resource for finding what you need, presented clearly in a variety of formats.

MCA and BE Industrial Training with Project in Java, .Net and PHP Languages. Daksha Design is the leading Brand in the field of IT. Now we starts Daksha Academy for brilliant BE and MCA students who want to speed up their technical skills and proficiencies into real time development environment.This MCA/BE project training is a golden chance for any individual seeking for a good start in the IT Industry.

Industrial Trainers of Daksha Academy offers on-site training at your plant or facility and will soon be offering public seminars, as well. We teach hands-on mechanical technical training seminars, hands-on electrical technical training seminars, safety training seminars, compliance training seminars, compliance programs, and continuous improvement programs that serve industrial plant and facilities maintenance management and maintenance personnel. We also offer consulting services, as well as custom training and course development, so that together we can improve the operation of your plant or facility.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Safer Work Environment
  • Compliance with Standards and Codes
  • Improved Technical Skills
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Not all people learn in the same way. Therefore, we offer our material in the following media:
  • Carefully selected textbooks, as well as our own publications.
  • Open discussion in the classroom.
  • Videotapes, PowerPoint Slideshows, and props of topics being taught.
  • Hands-On Lab experience.

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