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Android Training Courses in Chandigarh

There is a lot of growth of smart phones and android phones in the market at a very rapid rate these days. It is doing very great business in the market and giving tough competition to iPhone.Due to this huge requirement with android much number of Android Developers are being hired in the IT Companies. Android developers are in high need at this particular time and it is a very good career option for getting into android development. We at Daksha provide the most refined faculty and having high experience in android development to our students.

Career scope Android Development Training:

Scope for the application developers of mobile devices has grown to a great extent. Out of all the mobile operating systems, the mobile operating system that is rising in popularity and revenue rates is the Android operating system.

Android Development Course Eligibility:

Degree: BE/B.Tech in CSE, IT, MSc Computer Science, MCA. Knowledge of C or other Object Oriented Language like Python, Ruby on Rails, Java or C# will be helpful.

Android Development Course Schedule and Duration:

2 Hrs Theory (Monday To Tuesday), 2 Hrs Lab (Wednesday To Friday)
Duration: 3 Months

Android Development Course Certification:

3 Months Training + Project Certificate By Daksha Academy
PHP Experience Certificate by Daksha Technologies
Job offer will be given to outstanding student

PHP Training Course Curriculum:

  • Core Java
  • Getting started with android (Android OS Fundamentals ,Android Market, Application fundamentals, Android Architecture and Framework, Eclipse SDK and ADT Plug-in, AVD Emulator, Activities, Tasks, Components, Layouts)
  • Working with the Resources (Android layouts and views, Handling user interaction events, Grouping, Accessing of resources)
  • Creating menus (Styles and themes, Creating dialogs, Adding menus and icons)
  • Notifying the users (Debugging android applications, Intent and intent filters, Toast, Status bar, Dialog notification)
  • Multimedia in android (Multimedia supported audio formats, Simple media playback, Supported video formats)
  • SQL Database (Introduction to SQLite, SQLite open helper, Creating databases, Opening and closing databases)
  • Basic content providers (Content provider mime types, Searching for content, Adding, changing, removing content)
  • Graphics (Drawing graphics in android, Drawing with xml, Canvas drawing best practice)
  • Animations (Creating animations, Introduction to twined animations, Applying tweened animations)
  • Accessing Android hardware (Using the media APIs, Camera, Accelerometer, Compass, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Location Services (GPS, Google MapView, Telephony, SMS)
  • Publishing an App on Android Market
Working on Daksha Design Live project and implementing all above tools and technology.
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