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test_arrow11. We are very happy with the candidate we hired from Daksha Academy in the field of development, the candidate not only just has good development skills but has a very good overall approach towards work and is a hardworking efficient worker.Daksha has build up his Knowledge very well.Looking forward for more hiring from Daksha Academy.test_arrow2



test_arrow1The quality of the work in SEO, the students of Daksha Academy is providing with is remarkably good. We hired candidates in SEO from Daksha Academy and they are doing extremely well with the company. The candidates are working with full dedication and they have undoubtedly a good amount of knowledge in the field of Search Engine Optimization.Always looking forward to recruit more candidates from Daksha Academy.test_arrow2

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test_arrow1Recruitment done from Daksha Academy in our firm has given us fruitful results. Hiring from Daksha Academy was a very good experience. The candidates are total cream in their fields, working hard and giving very productive results to the company. Would be very happy to hire students from Daksha Academy in future.test_arrow2

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