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Name: Shipra Gupta
Course: Web Designing
Qualification B.Com Graduate,Punjab University
Feedback: I truly recommend Daksha Academy for all who are willing to make their career in the field of Information Technology.I was student having totally no study background in I.T but with the quality of training Daksha Academy provided ,I am very happy with the knowledge I am holding at present.All thanks to Daksha Academy.


Name: Shiv Kumar
Course: Web Designing
Qualification Graduate
Feedback: I am doing the course in web designing from Daksha Academy, and now I have gained full confidence on my designing skills and totally recommend Daksha Academy for taking up training for courses in I.T


Name: Sumit Kumar
Course: Web Designing
Qualification B.C.A , P.T.U
Feedback: With the course I did in web designing from Daksha Academy , I have got full command in designing and now I am totally confident about my skills ,all because of the healthy training provided by Daksha Academy.


Name: Sumit Bakshi
Course: Internet Marketting
Qualification M.C.A,M.D.U
Feedback: I am very happy with the course I have done at Daksha Academy in internet marketing. I give my heartiest thanks to Daksha Academy for totally transforming me into a professional at my knowledge.


Name: Suresh Kumar
Course: SEO
Qualification Graduate, P.T.U
Feedback: All thanks to the faculty at Daksha Academy for giving me guidance and helping me every moment with the course I was taking. I am very confident with the work I can do now, very thankful to Daksha Academy for turning me into the man I am now, Confident and knowledgeable.

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