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Hire from Daksha Academy

Get the Right path For hiring the appropriate people for respective fields in the I.T Industry !!!!
We at Daksha Academy provide an array of courses for students in different fields. Our six months and six week Industrial training programs given by highly experienced and highly educated faculty prepares our students to be ready to face the environment and working conditions in the field of I.T. “We turn Laymen into Professionals”.

We don’t just train our students ,we build them into to get into the corporate world and totally reform their personalities by following a strict curriculum and training methods. Provide them with practical knowledge and not just turn them into book worms with just theoretical knowledge.The quality of our training is so high that companies coming for hiring candidates just take minutes to place our students with them .

Hiring from Daksha is at its fullest, most of the I.T companies hiring our students are very happy and totally satisfied with the quality of the efficient work they provide. We have placed a massive amount of students in the respective fields in the industry.

Our placement drives surely get our students to the most well reputed companies and all the firm’s having tie-ups with Daksha Academy. All the cream is the production of Daksha which easily gets hired in the industry at handsome salaries.

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