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6 Months Courses in Internet Marketing

There is an ever growing demand of talented resources in the digital world, Daksha is taking initiative to provide the best of and fully fledged knowledge to our students. The structure of our course is designed to provide you with true knowledge of the latest tools, techniques and internet marketing trends. Our talented faculty will guide you through the start till the end of the course until you become a master in this field.

Internet Marketing Curriculum:

  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • 10Cs of Internet Marketer
  • How to plan Online Marketing Campaigns?
  • Market Research
  • A Comparison Direct Marketing & Online Marketing

Web Analytics

  • Analytic Mind thinks?
  • How to track Campaigns?
  • Campaign Tracking Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Trends

E-Mail Marketing

  • Campaign Planning
  • Identify E-Mail IDs for your e-mail

Marketing campaigns

  • Tools help in Identifying E-Mail ids
  • How to Collect E-mails in legal way?
  • Campaign to collect E-Mail
  • E-Mail Marketing for Customer Acquisition , Retention & Tracking
  • Legalities behind E-Mail Marketing

Online Advertising

  • Online Media Research & Planning
  • Role of Media Planner

Viral Marketing

  • Multi Channel Marketing
  • Design & Creativity Impact on Viral Marketing
  • How to design viral?
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to write Content?
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Public Comment Sites
  • News Letters Distribution

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Book Marking
  • Digging & Furling
  • RSS Feeding

Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization


  • Google Ad words
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Introduction to SMS Marketing
  • ROI Calculation
  • Legalities behind Over All Online-Marketing
Working on Daksha Design Live project and implementing all above tools and technology.
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