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6 Weeks Industrial Training Courses in ASP.NET

.Net is one of the most powerful languages developed by Microsoft .In today’s technological world there is a lot of scope of this language. It is a very efficient language which uses tools to develop a proper and perfect application.This programming language is in very high demand in the IT Industry.The development in .Net in future will not be just for windows but as well as other platforms and operating systems.Daksha Academy provides the most profitable and knowledgeable training to its students.

    Syllabus Covered:

  • Microsoft .Net V3.5 Fundamentals
  • Web Applications and Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Visual C# 2008 Fundamentals and OOPS Concept
  • ADO.NET and Working with XML & SQL Server
  • Web Application Security
  • Application and State Management
  • Caching
  • Debugging and Tracing
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Personalization, User Profiles and Themes
  • Working with Web Parts
  • .NET Assembly and COM+
  • Concept of COM+ Services with Reflection
  • n-Tier Architecture, Remoting and XML Web Services
  • Microsoft Ajax
  • LINQ and C#
  • Microsoft Silver Light
Working on Daksha Design Live project and implementing all above tools and technology.
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